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ItТs my sixth mod. It is named УcubeФ for its shape, and УGigaФ in honor of the company УGigabyteФ, which know all our repairers firms.

GigaCube consists of three levels.

There are two standard PSU 350W on the ground floor.

TThere is hard disk front of PSU. It is cooled incoming air.

Hard disk fastened to the case with help shock absorbing sleeve, taken from a faulty CD-ROM.

Second floor is occupied DWD-RW drive УPioneerФ and two fans on both sides. Fans cool the motherboard below and above airflow.

Third floor: motherboard microATX and CPU Athlon 64/ 5200+.

There is decorative panel with crystal УNVIDIAФ on front side between fans. A lot of friends asked me to make a backlight. I made two green LEDs (power) and one blue LED (work HDD).

Attic is occupied videocard Gigabyte 9600GT with passive cooling, which was transferred to active. CPU cooler was replaced on bigger cooler (120x120) and was deployed in the direction of blowing air upwards.

The general trend of cooling: air comes from the bottom (front panel). Hot air goes through top cover. There are also a button "Turbo", which switches all the fans from 5 volts to 12, and start button (I hope that with the protection of children) on the case.


Computer components which usually located inside a computer had become available for inquisitive children. This case can be categorized as УgreenФ, because it is constructed from non-working parts of computer.

I wish you all a successful modding!

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