Office dozer

Office dozer

The office. The end of the month. Documents. A lot of documents. The printer said: "Load paper." Paper. Megatons of paper. I would like to remove all it with help of autoloaderЕ Or to roll with help of bulldozer... I need small, hard office bulldozer. Its name will be УT100Ф. I saw such bulldozer in my childhood. It looked like a tank, but without the guns. May be it was a prototype for the terminator УT1000Ф. More


ItТs my sixth mod. It is named УcubeФ for its shape, and УGigaФ in honor of the company УGigabyteФ, which know all our repairers firms. More

Case "Blue horse"

Blue horse live under my table. It does not eat a hay, but only watts. System unit hides under the horse skin. More

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