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Office dozer

The office. The end of the month. Documents. A lot of documents. The printer said: "Load paper." Paper. Megatons of paper. I would like to remove all it with help of autoloaderЕ Or to roll with help of bulldozer... I need small, hard office bulldozer. Its name will be УT100Ф. I saw such bulldozer in my childhood. It looked like a tank, but without the guns. May be it was a prototype for the terminator УT1000Ф.

Month is finished, and I didnТt need a bulldozer. I think that I need a computer with the function of the bulldozer, which will help to remove documents. What do you think about such an apparatus? It is unusual. I think that I can make such device from the old spares, which stored in the corner of the office: radiators, fans, bolts and etc.

One, two, three, four, five, and I begin to make a computer-dozer. I need tracks and wheels. Old coolers look like the wheels. But I donТt see tracks. May be late?

Cover of old CD-ROM drive will be chassis. Where are tracks? I fix on the base fans, hard disk and CD-ROM drive.

I found bulldozer blade! ItТs a case of old electronic device. Into this blade I insert power supply. But power supply doesnТt want live in this case. Radiators board power supply is high. Disassemble, bend, and assemble. But bulldozer blade is incorrect. Bulldozer will be harder to stir up the paper, but it will be safely for my children.

I make socket in side. Cool. I strengthen the blade to the platform, and then strengthen the platform to chassis of the bulldozer.

Great moment: put up motherboard Intel on the bulldozer.

So, I can make computer which I wanted: small, heavy and clumsy. Junk! Is this only my feeling that I missed important detail? This is a flag with labeled "Assembled in RussiaФ. I didnТt add Уwith loveФ.

Tracks! Two tracks! Where are they? Find tracks and send a bulldozer to the barricades.


This mod is workable computer with System Specs: —eleron1700, 256 RAM, 40GB hard drive and CD-ROM drive. The concept of mod:

Old coolers are the walls and force elements of the design.

No dremel, lathe, milling machine.

Successful modding everyone!

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